What to Expect When You Play Paintball for the First Time

Our Slideshow will show you quickly the rules and gameplay for Paintball.


    You arrive an half hour before agreed appointment so we have enough time for the introduction and we can start in time.

Rental Paintball Equipment


We have 50 complete rental sets who are composed with an marker (Tippmann FT-12), an air system (ZEN 0.8L 200bar), an 200 balls loader (Tippmann Gravity)  and a thermal lens goggle (Proto Switch Rental).

For groups over 50 people we have the possibility to split the groups in 2 and to organize for one half of the group another activity during the other half play paintball in the morning and in afternoon we do it the other way!

Our fields


For the moment we have possibility to play on 2 Adventure Fields and one Millennium Series Competition Field onto over 15.000 m²