A warm welcome to the heart of our Quest games, where virtual reality meets reality!

Interactive iPad treasure hunt

Would you like to escape day-to-day life for once? Armed with an iPad and the Action Pack (a pack with special gaming tools) set off on a treasure hunt adventure across our area.

Together with your team you will get to know a new dimension of play. Navigate with your group using GPS to secret places and complete exciting tasks as a team. Use the various items in your Action Pack intelligently and with their help complete tricky tasks. Plunge into a new world and experience how reality and fiction blur into each other.

Our two Quest games, “Magic Kingdom” and “Special Agent” combine the best elements of a paper chase, GPS geocaching and a live escape game with the latest augmented reality technology into a new GPS outdoor team game.

Experience an unforgettable adventure with your family, friends or colleagues. Whether it’s a weekend experience, a family excursion, a stag party or a company outing – you won’t forget this game – that’s guaranteed!

Who can join in?

Anyone, in fact. Children under 16 must always be accompanied by an adult. The games are suitable for anyone of 10 years or older and with the help of their parents, younger children will also be able to safely solve the puzzles.

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